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Wonder Tablitz

Wonder Tablitz

Unlike traditional household cleaners, Wonder Tablitz spray bottles are sold with three effervescent cleaning tablets – each tablet representing one full 32-ounce bottle or a total of 96 ounces of product.

Wonder Tablitz

“Consumers simply add hot tap water to the patent-pending Wonder Tablitz spray bottle and drop in one of the three tablets to produce a full 32-ounce container of cleaning product,” said Bill Schultz, Wonder Tablitz Corporation partner. “The tablet is 100 percent water-soluble and will completely dissolve within one to three minutes, depending on the water temperature. When the bottle is empty, the process is repeated, reusing the original spray bottle. By reusing the spray bottle, consumers are able to reduce plastic consumption, which means fewer plastic bottles are being produced and entering landfills.”

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Environmental Impact

“More than 80 billion pounds of plastic are produced annually in the United States; the vast majority of which end up in landfills where they will likely still exist many millennia from now,” said Schultz. “Understanding consumers want to make a difference, but also want effective household cleaning products, we set out to create new cleaners that would be just as powerful and no more costly than the leading brands, but would also positively impact the environment. Specifically, we focused on ways to reduce plastics production, landfill waste and the carbon footprint.”

The use of specially formulated cleaning tablets allows consumers to use their own tap water and reuse their original dispenser. Adding water at home versus the manufacturing point significantly reduces shipping costs and fuel needed to transport the products. And because each unit represents three 32-ounce bottles, fewer corrugated boxes are required and shipping costs are reduced. The result is reduced carbon dioxide emissions and reduced landfill waste.

How Wonder Tablitz Works

Economic Impact

A beneficial byproduct of Wonder Tablitz products is pricing. “Consumers will save up to 50 percent on the cost of Wonder Tablitz products over comparable cleaning products of the same size,” said Schultz. “The math is fairly simply; with Wonder Tablitz, consumers are purchasing only one bottle along with three tablets that yields three full bottles of product.”


Wonder Tablitz

Different models?

  • Glass and Multi-surface Cleaner
  • All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach
  • Citrus All Purpose Cleaner
  • Fabric Refresher
  • Odor Eliminator

Leading Competitors:


Competitive advantage:
  1. They are safe and easy to use.
  2. They are effective home care products.
  3. They cost up to 50 percent less than comparable cleaners.
  4. They eliminate the need for large refill bottles requiring less storage space and fewer trips to the store.
  5. They reduce the use of plastic bottles by two-thirds or more.

Private Label okay?



See MSDS sheets online



Exported to what other countries?

Ace Hardware distributes internationally

What international patents/trademarks are in effect in Japan?

Bottle is patent pending.  Tablets are patented. 

How long has product been sold in USA?

Since early 2007

Made in USA?




Suggested Retail Price:


Minimum Order Size:
(initial smaller sample orders okay)
Minimum Annual Sales: ..



Ex Works where:
Zip Code:

ExWorks MA warehouse

Quantity in master carton/pallet:

56 cartons/pallet

Order lead time:

21 days

Order lead time for private label/custom packaging::


Order lead time for custom formulation:




How is product distributed in USA? And what channels of distribution account for the highest volume?

Major retail stores nationwide.

What kind of marketing works best; what kind doesn’t work?


Media coverage:

See http://www.wondertablitz.com/index.cfm

POP display available?

Yes, 6-pack counter display

Infomercial or other video footage available? If so, what?

Yes.  Available for use.

Media Efficiency Ratio of infomercial
(Sales/Media Expenditure)

QVC in April
TV sales return rate: ...

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